Unique 2 PAC Furniture Painters

Gem Finish is a proudly Australian owned business specializing in flawless 2 PAC painting and finishes.

  • Wealth of knowledge in all aspects of furniture coatings
  • Outstanding 2 PAC finishes for your retail space
  • Experts in interior furniture coatings
  • Melbourne's Leading 2 PAC Paint Specialists

30 Years Experience in 2 PAC Painting & Finishes

Gem Finish is an Australian owned family business specialising in flawless 2 PAC finishing for over 30 years.

With an established credibility in the industry for its quality finish and rapid processing, Gem Finish services cabinet makers, builders, architects, shop fitters and flat pack companies with their commercial and residential projects.

Reach out and speak to a 2 PAC Melbourne specialists today.

About Gem Finish

Gem Finish is a proudly Australian owned business specialising in flawless 2 PAC painting and finishes.

Renowned in the industry, Gem Finish service the building and architectural industries facilitating commercial, domestic and retail (shop fit out) projects.

With over 25 years experience, we pride ourselves on our high quality results with fast turnaround times.

What is 2 PAC Paint?

2 PAC is a lasting, durable paint finish which can be applied to cupboards, doors and furniture. 2 PAC paint is a polyurethane combination that provides a finish exceptional in its resistance to heat, moisture and staining, making it extremely practical for all MDF material.

Why Use 2 PAC?

2 PAC paint delivers a superior finish because it is a durable hardened surface which is available in a wide range of textures, finishes and practically available in any colour option.

2 PAC paint affords a finish that is easily repairable, simple to clean and with the right care, proven longevity. 2 PAC Paint is another alternative to Laminate. Laminate is a plasticized product which is wrapped and glued onto MDF boards.  2 PAC Paint on the other hand is individually sprayed onto each panel, hence making it a more durable product and ideal for any type of home.

Gem Finish's state of the art processing plant, which includes robotic equipment, ensures competitive and premium quality service each and every time.

Our biggest asset is our dedicated staff that understand the sensitivities and expectations of YOU, the customer.

We are proud and committed to supporting the growth of your business by promising the highest quality finish you will experience, the GEM finish.

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